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Jamie Raven is a Professional Magician who was unanimously voted into the world famous Magic Circle at the first attempt. His performances which include an appearance at Buckingham Palace as part of the Queens 80th  Birthday Celebrations are part of a new wave in Magic and Mind Reading.

His style of  modern and contemporary deception combines classic traditional expertise with  Psychological Illusion using a variety of techniques to predict, suggest and  control behaviour in order to achieve the apparently impossible. Recreating a  drawing that somebody has made without seeing it, telling somebody a word or a  name that they are thinking of, or guessing correctly the outcomes of  decisions that are yet to be made.

He is one of very few magicians in  the world specialising in this area of „Mind Reading‰ who can also offer you  more traditional Magical entertainment at the same time, for example borrowing  a £5 and turning it into a £50, vanishing a borrowed ring and have it  re-appear instantly sealed in an envelope behind a zipped compartment in his wallet, or demonstrating why you should NEVER play cards with a  stranger, let alone a Magician.

He has been invited to perform his unique approach to magic both professionally and privately for some of the most high profile companies and individuals in the world. Performances include, television, trade shows, parties, launches and corporate functions of numerous kinds, at some of the most illustrious venues on offer and also at some of those which aren‚t.
These include, The  Royal Albert Hall, The O2 Arena, The Lainsborough, The Dorchester, The Langham, The  Cumberland, The Landmark, The Crowne Plaza in New York, The Hotel De Paris in  Monte Carlo, The 5 Star Kempinski Hotel in Dubai and as previously mentioned, Buckingham Palace as part of the Queen's 80th Birthday Celebrations.

Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life, and it is important to ensue that you hire the right team of people to ensure that your BIG day runs flawlessly to plan.

The notion of a wedding magician performing on the day has become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you are looking for a contemporary way to entertain your guests during the quieter periods of the day. Or are looking for a unique method of breaking the ice between friends and new family members who may have just met, You can be sure that with over 200 wedding appearances worldwide to his name, Jamie is the consummate professional when it comes to wedding entertainment.

Reception Drinks and Photographs:
Once the ceremony has finished and the photographs begin, there will be times when some of your guests won’t be having their photographs taken. They will be standing and waiting for the next part of the day to begin. This is a perfect time for Jamie to entertain before the meal commences.

The Wedding breakfast:
By the nature of the seating arrangements, more often than not, guests will be sat next to people they have never met before. Magic performed in between the course’s of the breakfast not only acts as an ideal ice-breaker, provoking wonder, amazement and thoughtful questioning amoungst new friends, but also helps whittle away the time spent waiting for the next course to arrive. More often than not couples choose to book Jamie for both the reception drinks and the wedding breakfast.

The Evening reception:
Once the meal and speeches are finished it is time for the evening reception to begin. You will undoubtedly book a band or a dj but it will take a couple of hours before all of those who will are up on the dance floor. This period where people are again being introduced to new friends and family members before they find the courage to hit the dance floor is another excellent opportunity for your guests to be entertained amoungst broken ice.

11 Bazalgette Court
Great West Road
W6 9AG

0208  748 9670

0791 629 8502
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